Our Facilitators

Love Me Love You facilitators have been carefully selected for their knowledge of mental health, qualifications, presentation skills and ability to engage and connect with young people. All of our facilitators have undergone training with Mental Edge Consulting in Melbourne, providing them with the tools and knowledge to deliver the programs to a high standard.

Lance Picioane

CEO & Founder of Love Me Love You Lance has lived with Mental Illness since he was 15 years old. Having played AFL for 8 years in a former life living what he thought was his dream but behind closed doors was playing with the challenges of Depression and Anxiety.

Lance connects with the community to help people in the community understand the challenges of Mental Health and the importance of investing in a wellbeing plan, you will leave feeling inspired and connected to what you need to do for you and improve the mental health and health outcomes in your life

Megan Coburn

Wellness Warrior, Personal Trainer and all round Health and Fitness promoter. Megan has experienced anxiety and depression first hand so knows too well the importance of looking after yourself; mind, body and soul. Her passion now lies with assisting people to live a well-balanced life but most importantly to have lots of fun.Megan will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to live a well-balanced life.

Sarah Kitto

After years of training for a wide of range of sports and concentrating on my further education to reach my goals as a Sports Scientist, I was recently struck down by MS! Life came to a halt stopping me from doing everything that I loved, and in turn challenging my mental health. Last year I set myself a goal to participate in Love Me Love You’s March with Me event, concentrating on everything I needed to do, so that I could achieve this goal. It gave me a greater understanding of my wellbeing plan. With a better understanding of how this works for me, I am very passionate about helping others understand their challenges, and how we as individuals can overcome all challenges.

James McArthur

Fuelled by my passion and commitment to the health and wellbeing of individuals I strive to assist and support people in maximising development, learning and performance. I have a demonstrated this passion through my years studying at La Trobe University where I developed my skills in Rehabilitation Counselling, mental health, behaviour change and wellbeing. I have a strong desire to not only contribute but to make a real difference in the lives of the community. I am a believer in the creation of an environment in which shared values and goals assist in contributing to increasing people’s self-esteem, optimism and inclusion.

Celeste Webbie

Celeste has always had a passion for working with people since she was a little girl. She is compassionate & empathetic, which was academically credited during her studies at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. Celeste knows first hand the hindrance that mental health can play in daily life. As a result she is aware of the importance of wellbeing as she attempts to pilot the highs & lows of being a young mother, a student, an employee, a volunteer, a partner & an active member of the community.

Louise Hopwood

As a Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor Louise has a passion for helping people strive for there goals. Whatever your goal, she feels it’s important that the journey you take to reach them is an enjoyable one, therefore being in the best place mentally is super important. Our mental health plays a vital role in all facets of our life, Louise feels that by making people aware of their mental wellbeing, actually identifying how people are travelling mentally not only physically is an important role in her career. She feels that everyone should feel comfortable in being able to portray their feelings and ask for help when needed.

This is why workshops and foundations like Love Me Love You are crutical in our communities today. Louise feels that helping spread the word on Mental illness, depression and wellbeing can only benefit many people and looks forward to contributing in a positive way to enhance individuals lives further.