Looking After Your Wellbeing Workshop

Mental wellbeing is an in-depth indicator of your mental state, how you’re feeling and how well you are managing the challenges of your everyday life. When experiencing good mental wellbeing, you’re able to build self-esteem, develop your potential, experience meaningful relationships and feel engaged with the world around you. Just like other aspects of your health, mental wellbeing is highly dynamic and anyone can experience a number of peaks and troughs.

Looking After Your Wellbeing is a one-hour, interactive workshop in which participants are educated about mental wellbeing and the importance self-care. Delivered to groups (of up to 30 participants) by trained facilitators, the Looking After Your Wellbeing workshop provides participants with a number of tools and techniques that will empower them to better manage their mental wellbeing.

The workshop educates participants in the following key areas:

  • What mental wellbeing is and why it’s important
  • Understanding your own wellbeing
  • Practical strategies you can take to improve your wellbeing

Workshops can take place at your school, sporting club, community or corporate organisation and are free of charge to non-profit organisations.

Contact Love Me Love You for any enquiries or to book your Looking After Your Wellbeing workshop.

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